The New Wine Leadership Network is all about supporting and equipping those with the responsibility of leading their church, to realise our shared vision of ‘local churches changing nations’. A national network, locally delivering that vision in a variety of ways.

It’s free to join and available to anyone from any denomination who is currently leading, or training to lead a church, or is a team leader of ministry.

(please search ‘NWLN’ as your church)

In joining us, you will not only receive the support of the network but commit to supporting others with what you can bring to the network.

Here’s what you can expect from us

We intend to support you more, listen to you better and learn from you how New Wine can best support you and others in leadership roles. As part of this growing family of leaders you will now have sole (free) access to;

  • Pastoral prayer provision – we’re currently developing an opportunity to receive regular, confidential, one to one prayer from our experienced and gifted leadership prayer team. Check back to this web page or your network membership homepage for updates on this.
  • Regional support – a full time New Wine regional development manager  working alongside your regional director, on hand to support, advise, resource and connect you to the wider New Wine family.
  • Regional connection – leaders’ events and activities coordinated by newly formed regional teams, offering the opportunity to connect with your peers.
  • Training and coaching – to be tailored to the needs of those in senior leadership, first public ministry and those training to lead a church.
  • Mentoring – an opportunity to join one of a growing number of programmes facilitated by experienced church leaders.
  • Leadership Network Venue – exclusive access to our leaders’ venue for support, prayer and connection during your time at our United summer gatherings.
  • Regional updates – regionally focused updates on events, activities and resources relevant to you.

What we’d love you to bring

In joining the New Wine family of leaders we all commit to;

  • Remaining open to all possibilities but Holy Spirit and bible led in all things
  • Working together from the ground up in providing support, resources and community where you are.
  • Focusing on local communities, local churches, local groups, local people
  • Maintaining a radical, relational generosity across all that we do together.

If we know what you can offer, we can help target the places and people that need it most. If you’re willing and able to resource, encourage and support other leaders around you, please tell us so we can help you share it.

Thank you!

To join the Leadership Network

Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training

Part of the New Wine Leadership Network, this is a ministry that exists specifically for Leaders in Training for church leadership.

Church Planting & Pioneering

You’re a Christian today because somebody planted the church where you worship. Church planting is one of the most effective mission strategies and we encourage and support opportunities to pioneer new expressions of church.

Join the Network

It's free to join and available to anyone from any denomination who is currently leading, or training to lead a church, or is a team leader of ministry.

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