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New Wine have been running events for over 30 years, and have a huge church following. We put on one of the biggest Christian gatherings in the UK that appeals to churches of many different denominations. Partnering with us as a sponsor, exhibitor or advertiser is particularly great for charities or organisations that want to reach ministers, ministry leaders, church attendees, Christian thought leaders or active and involved Christians.

The New Wine brand is trusted, honest, reliable and one that has deep moral and Christian values. If your charity or organisation align with our vision and values, we would love to find out more about your campaigns, messages and goals and how we can help you reach those through our events and resources.

Along with many charities and organisations around the world, we are re-envisioning what it looks like to be New Wine as a response to COVID-19. We are thankful that we are supported by a country-wide network of leaders and that God has prepared and strengthened our foundations ahead of this unprecedented season.

We are pressing forward to ensure that the New Wine family are resourced and inspired for what lies ahead in 2021 and it is with that in mind, we are offering a new 2021 Media Pack. (see link below)

Despite all that’s going on, we’re choosing to see this as an exciting time; new possibilities and refreshed priorities. We look forward to joining with you to step into God’s plans and purposes for the coming year.

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Media Pack

Download our 2021 Media Pack to see a guide of our sponsorship, exhibitor, and advertising options.

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