The theme of our 2020 Leadership Conference was ‘Set Your Sails’.
No-one could have predicted the storm that followed, and national lockdown was announced 10 days later.

Everything’s changed since then.

Now, more than ever, we long for relationship and connection again.


Our 2021 Leadership Conference, Beyond The Storm, will be a time for reflection, great teaching from true practitioners and for soaking in God’s presence through worship and prayer.

It’s also a time for connection, support and encouragement as we seek God together for what lies beyond the storm.

We’re inviting all those in local church and ministry leadership – paid or voluntary – to this online conference – those faithful, passionate, empowered individuals who’ve kept the sails set!

Together we will focus on key shifts that God is calling us to embrace, so that we may become pioneers in the post-Covid world.

Shifts towards more effective discipleship.
Towards deeper dependence on prayer.
Towards greater digital engagement.
Towards personal renewal for societal transformation.